Website Maintenance Tips Help This Summerville SC HVAC Contractor To Land More Clients

AC Repair Summerville SCIf you are not taking the steps to maintain your HVAC system, you are going to wind up paying more money in the long run and run the risk of having to get the entire unit replaced. The heating and cooling system in your home is the most costly expense other than the home itself, so it makes sense to take better care of it.

Barrus Heating and Air Conditioning Summerville, SC offers out free advice to their ac repair Summerville, SC clients on their website to attract new visitors.  Here are a few simple tops for maintaining the HVAC system and saving you money in the long run.

Each month you have to make it a routine to open the unit and inspect the air filter. Regardless if you have just one filter in the main unit or several in the house, you have to inspect them to see if they are free of debris. The more dirt on the filters, the harder it will be for your HVAC system to push any treated air into the home. If the filter is fine, put it back and replace it every three months to ensure the sir easily moves through the house without having to overwork the system.

On the outside of the main unit should be the condensate drain lines. Open the cap and pour some bleach in the lines to remove any possible mold growth. If you were not to address this issue, the mold could cause a problem down the road that will be costly to clean. Running a little bleach in the line once a month will eliminate that issue.

Take a close look outside to see if the outside unit is clear of debris. There should be nothing growing around or in the unit, and there should be no debris piling up inside the unit. if you see anything inside, disconnect the unit and remove the top casing to access all that debris. Get those twigs and leaves out of the unit because they could impede the movement of the fans and possibly burn out the motor.

If you have to open the HVAC unit to access the air filter, if your system has any belts, it might be a good idea to apply some lubricate so they do not wear out as often. Pay close attention to how you close up the unit. Tighten all the screws securely and make sure no air is escaping from the unit.

Now you see this was not that complicated at all to keeping your heating and cooling system running efficiently.