Tips for Improving the Appeal of Your Home for a Fast Sale

You have the right real estate agent, you just need a little help getting someone to drop a full price bid on your house. No worries, if you simply stage the house in a certain way you are going to see more than your share of potential buyers get emotionally connected to the house. Once they fall in love, they don’t want anyone else in the house of their dreams.

Here are some real estate trends in home staging that will help you sell your house from the experts in homes for sale Charleston, SC, feel free to visit them at:


Charleston Real EstateStart with the exterior of the house because curb appeal plays a huge role in getting the buyers emotionally invested in the property. A professional landscape company will be able to transform the look of the property. A professional power washing company can restore the siding, gutters, driveway, patio, and sidewalks around the house too.

Once the outside is sparkling clean, get a professional cleaning crew inside and take care of the carpeting, flooring, windows, upholstery, and tiles. The goal here is to get the house looking like a model house you see in new developments around the country.

Rent a storage unit and start moving all your stuff out of the house. If you are not using it today, box it up and get it ready for the eventual move. The big benefit here is that the more roomy the interior of the house, the easier it will be for potential buyers to feel they can easily get all their belongings into your home. The less clutter, the better in this situation.

Take down the pictures of your family, the drawings made by the kids, and clear off the clutter stuck to the refrigerator. The key here is giving the buyers the ability to imagine their own families living in each room of the house. The potential buyers should not have to be trying to not imagine your family still living there, it just makes the process for them to get emotionally connected even longer.

Make all repairs before the potential buyers has a home inspector find everything and then request you either make the repairs or lower the price. Fix everything now so it is not a bigger issue that the buyers want fixed more completely when they discover it on their own.

Now that you know the staging secrets to sell your house faster, get working on this list in short order so you can get that contract you need so badly.